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Ben Walker (Stage Name: Ben Cullen) graduated from Bordentown Regional High School, Troupe 6803, in 2010. He is currently touring with the National Tour of Beauty and the Beast.

When did you decide that you wanted to pursue theatre as a career?

It wasn't really until I started looking at colleges my junior year of high school. Up until that point, I hadn't given much thought to what I wanted to do. When I actually sat down and thought about it, of all the various activities and hobbies I'd done, theatre was the one constant that I never lost my drive for.

What was your high school theatre experience like?

It was a blast! I got to perform some awesome roles and hang out with a really great group of people. I'd done a lot of community theatre previously where I was always the youngest in the cast by quite a few years so it was really nice to work with people my own age.

What’s your dream role?

Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar

How has being a Thespian shaped your everyday life?

It's given me the opportunity to explore the country! Before this tour, the farthest west I'd been was St. Louis, MO, but now, by the time this second year of tour is over, I will have been to 47 states and 4 Canadian provinces! I get to do all of this while performing for 2,000k plus people eight times a week.

What is your advice for someone looking to go into theatre professionally?

Stick with it! People will tell you it's stupid, people will say "oh so you're going to be a waiter," a classmate of mine was actually told by a non-theatre professor "oh so you only need to learn 'would you like fries with that." You have to tune all that noise out and focus on yourself. If theatre is truly what you love, then you owe it to yourself to go for it!